Happy Helpers is offering an intensive INTERVIEW SKILLS Workshop ……

Happy Helpers is offering an intensive INTERVIEW SKILLS Workshop on Monday 26 October 2015 from 09h15 – 12h30 at R250.00 per person.  The workshop is geared towards Nannies, Housekeepers & Night Nannies attending interviews, who want to learn skills to improve how they do.

We assist you.  Guide you through the process. Help you to be confident in interviews and improve your changes of being asked to attend a second interview and a trial.  We have had great responses from candidates who have attended the work shop already.

Seats are limited – the workshop is small enough to keep one on one interactions possible. Interested in improving your interview skills?  Join us on the 26 October 2015.  Send your FULL NAME & SURNAME and add ”interested in attending the workshop” in the subject header to celeste@happyhelpers.co.za or via SMS to 0836020262.  We will confirm whether there are seats available, and how to book.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our workshops.  Celeste {happy helpers}

LIVE IN Housekeeper with Full Cooking {happy helpers nanny agency}

MILNERTON LIVE IN: My client has a busy home with four children, both parents work full time. The home has several staff members which include a Nanny, an Au Pair and a Housekeeper.

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The family are looking for a Housekeeper who will work as part of a team with the existing staff. Your main function will be housekeeping and preparing all meals for the family.
You will keep an organised and clean kitchen.
Be able to draw up shopping lists.
Prepare meal plans and make breakfast, lunches and dinner.
You will need to have upmarket housekeeping experience, be an experienced cook and have several years preparing meals for a family.
You will be available to live in working rotation shifts ******this is a non negotiable
My client offers excellent working conditions, and a generous salary in line with your experience and skill set.
Interested? Are you an experienced and accomplished Housekeeper and Cook and able to live in?
Please arrange to fax a copy of your CV, make sure your CV indicates you are available to live in, where you worked last, when you left, why you left and what your salary was. ‘
Please supply a copy of your ID or your passport and work visa.
Please supply two – three written references from previous employers.
If you have completed any courses or training, arrange to send these with your application.
Fax the above paperwork through to Happy Helpers on 0865853637 – if you meet what my client s looking for, we will make contact with you and bring you in for an interview.
WE WILL NOT BE DOING TELEPHONIC INTERVIEWS FOR THIS POSITION – so please arrange to fax your information through to us and we can then make contact with you.
w w w . h a p p y h e l p e r s . c o . z a

Republic of South Africa approved the Dispensation of Zimbabweans Project

Good morning fellow South Africans, members of the media, and interested stakeholders.

In April 2009, the Cabinet of the Republic of South Africa approved the Dispensation of Zimbabweans Project – or ‘DZP’ – allowing Zimbabwean holders of this special permit to work, conduct business and study in South Africa.

The objectives then were to:

  • Regularize Zimbabweans residing in South Africa illegally
  • Curb the deportation of Zimbabweans who were in SA illegally
  • Reduce pressure on the asylum seeker and refugee regime, and
  • Provide amnesty to Zimbabweans who obtained SA documents fraudulently

This was a significant gesture of support and solidarity with our neighboring country of Zimbabwe in response to the large number of Zimbabweans residing illegally in South Africa due to political and economic instability there.

Approximately 295 000 Zimbabweans applied for the permit.

Just over 245 000 permits were issued, with the balance being denied due to lack of passports or non-fulfillment of other requirements.

These permits begin expiring on 31 December 2014.

The approaching expiry date has caused anxiety for many permit-holders, particularly those who are not ready to return to Zimbabwe, as they contemplate their next steps.

The Department of Home Affairs has been considering this matter for some time.

I recently met with my Zimbabwean counterpart, Minister Kembo Mohadi, to discuss matters of mutual concern, including the imminent expiry of the DZP.

While we note the ongoing political and economic recovery in Zimbabwe, consistently supported by the South African government, we are aware that it will take time for her to fully stabilize.

As you will know, the Department of Home Affairs is mandated to manage immigration effectively, to promote our country’s development, enhance its security, and fulfill its international obligations.

Our management of immigration is also informed by our foreign policy, one feature of which is Pan-Africanism.

South Africa recognizes itself as an integral part of the African continent and therefore understands its national interest as being intrinsically linked to Africa’s stability, unity, and prosperity.

Finally, we are committed to manage immigration in a way which treats all visitors humanely, in an efficient manner and according to our own deeply-embedded human rights ethos.

We are appreciative of the many contributions made by Zimbabweans in our society and economy.

Zimbabweans have made notable contributions in our education and health sectors for example as teachers and health professionals, and in many other sectors.

In general, we appreciate the contribution of the immigrants in our country in terms of enhancing our social, cultural and economic life.

We are aware that Zimbabwe will need this rich human capital to further advance its own development, but accept that for the time being, many DZP permit-holders would prefer to continue their stay in South Africa.

It is in this context, that in recent weeks I have taken note of this anxiety and promised to outline a way forward, after consultation with Cabinet.

The Department of Home Affairs developed a proposal, refined in recent months, which was accepted by Cabinet on 6 August 2014.

Section 31(2) of the Immigration Act states that: “upon application, the Minister may under terms and conditions determined by him:

– grant a foreigner or a category of foreigners the rights of permanent residence for a specified or unspecified period when special circumstances exist which would justify such a decision. Provided that the Minister may

  • (i) exclude one or more identified foreigners from such categories,
  • (ii) or with good cause, withdraw such rights from a foreigner or category of foreigners.”

The Act further empowers the Minister to: “for good cause, withdraw an exemption granted by him or her in terms of this section.

Accordingly, I announce today, the closure of the Dispensation for Zimbabwe Project, as of 31 December, 2014.

As a result, it is important to note that the expiry date of all DZP permits which expire before 31 December 2014 is accordingly delayed until 31 December 2014. The expiry date of those DZP permits which expire after December 2014, is being brought forward to 31 December 2014.

Furthermore, I hereby announce the creation of the new Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Permit of 2014, or to use the acronym, the ‘ZSP’.

All relevant and available details are outlined in the media packs accompanying this announcement, but I will give an overview of the most important details.

DZP permit-holders who wish to remain in South Africa after the expiry of their permits, can reapply for the ZSP, subject to certain conditions.

These conditions include, but are not limited to: a valid Zimbabwean passport; evidence of employment, business or accredited study; and a clear criminal record.

The ZSP will allow permit-holders to live, work, conduct business and study in South Africa, for the duration of the permit, which is valid until 31 December, 2017.

Applications will open on 01 October 2014, and close on 31 December 2014.

Applications will be managed by our partner VFS, and adjudicated by the Department of Home Affairs.

VFS will open four new offices in provinces where we anticipate large numbers of applicants, namely Gauteng, Western Cape, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

These are in addition to the eleven offices already open, all of which will deal with ZSP applications.

In line with the new, improved process for all visa and permit applications, applications will begin online, with appointments given for in-person finalization at a visa facilitation center.

Therefore there will be no queues as experienced in the past, and we trust applicants will enjoy a pleasant and efficient application experience.

An administration fee will apply, which we will communicated once it has been decided, after the completion of discussions between the Department and VFS.

ZSP permit-holders who wish to stay in South Africa after the expiry of the ZSP, must return to Zimbabwe to apply for mainstream visas and permits under the Immigration Act, subject to the relevant requirements.

These applications will be considered within 12 months of the expiry of the ZSP permits, so from January 2017.

We will now embark on an extensive stakeholder engagement process, to inform DZP permit-holders and other interested parties about the ZSP process.

We will continue the productive engagement we enjoyed with stakeholder formations during the DZP process four years ago, but of course are open to work with new stakeholders which may have emerged since then.

The Department of Home Affairs, on behalf of the government and people of South Africa welcomes visitors from Zimbabwe, SADC, Africa and the rest of the world.

We welcome Zimbabwe’s return to a path of stability and prosperity, and remain committed to cooperation and partnership with our valued neighbor.

The ZSP is a temporary bridge to the near future when all Zimbabweans will reenter the mainstream immigration process in South Africa.

I thank you.


Claiming Maternity UIF?


Wish claiming Maternity UIF was easy?

Well it CAN be!!!

Let Sweet Dreamz handle the queues and hassle for you while you enjoy your new bundle of joy and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Why take away of your valuable time finding your feet and bonding with your new arrival by standing in long queues at The Department of Labour to claim your well deserved Maternity UIF. Let Sweet Dreamz Maternity UIF Assistance take the pain and hassle away from claiming Maternity UIF benefits and manage and assist you through the entire process of your maternity uif claim.

Our Services include:

  • Fast and Friendly advise 365 days a year.
  • Once registered with Sweet Dreamz Maternity UIF assistance we will send you all the necessary forms that The Department of Labour require as well as a step by step instruction guide on how to complete these forms.
  • We will check all forms returned to us for full completion before submission to ensure a smooth and fast approval of your maternity UIF claim.
  • Once you commence maternity leave we will start the submission process with The Department of Labour.
  • We constantly follow up on all maternity uif claims and keep you up to date at all times via phone, sms and email.
  • We will resolve any queries that may arise with your maternity uif claim directly with The Department of Labour on your behalf.
  • Once your maternity uif claim is approved we will continue to submit your monthly UI-4 payment continuation form so that you get paid every month on time until your final payment is made.

Don’t let the stress of maternity UIF become your problem!!! Make it ours!!!

Contact Sweet Dreamz Maternity UIF now so we can get you started with your hassle free Maternity UIF claim.



Telephone: 021 558 2979

Fax: 086 680 9578

Mobile Phone Number: 082 896 0348


Need a Night Nurse in Cape Town?

Happy Helpers has outstanding NIGHT NURSES/NIGHT NANNIES to assist you with your newborn.

Need a Nanny to assist you with night feeds, assist in establishing feeding and sleep routines?  Have twins and struggling to cope?

We have experienced, reference checked and well trained Night Nurses – Night Nurses with twin and singleton experience.


Need a Night Nanny in Cape Town?


Happy Helpers – Recruitment and Nanny Agency in Cape Town.

Nanny Agency in Cape Town specialising in Nannies and Housekeepers.

Contact Happy Helpers > Specialist Nanny Recruitment Agency Cape Town.


Trust us, to find the right person for you and your family.


Need a Nanny in Cape Town?  

Need Domestic Help in Cape Town?

Need a Night Nurse in Cape Tiown


Recruitment and Nanny Agency in Cape Town.

Nanny Agency in Cape Town, specialising in Nannies and Housekeepers.

Contact Happy Helpers > Specialist Nanny Recruitment Agency Cape Town.

Please contact Celeste on 0 8 3 6 0 2 0 2 6 2 to discuss a detailed brief and what you need for your home and your family.

Celeste at Happy Helpers  >  c e l e s t e @ h a p p y h e l p e r s . c o . z a

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Nanny | Night Nurses | Housekeepers {Nanny Recruitment Agency Cape Town}

Happy Helpers are a Cape Town based Nanny and Housekeeper Recruitment Agency.

We interview Nannies, Housekeepers, Au Pairs and Night Nurses with a special focus on candidates who have educare training and experience working with infants and children.

With many years in the recruitment industry, we have the experience and confidence to identify and recommend Happy Helpers Nannies and Housekeepers where only the best will do. 

Our applicants are meticulously interviewed and are only selected as candidates after reference checking, and a detailed interview process.

While we cannot make the decision for you, we are able to assist by presenting a carefully screened shortlist of possibilities, and we walk you through the process, making it as easy for you as possible.

Happy Helpers {Nanny and Domestic Agency Cape Town}


We can match you to the right Nanny for your baby, and your family.

Need a Nanny in Cape Town? 
Need Domestic Help in Cape Town?

Contact Happy Helpers – Specialist Nanny Recruitment Agency Cape Town.

Please contact Celeste on 083 602 0262 to discuss a detailed brief and what you need for your household or send an email to celeste@happyhelpers.co.za or visit us on http://www.happyhelpers.co.za


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Suggested Interview Questions ….{happy helpers}

In some cases you may like some ideas of how to structure an interview with a Nanny/Housekeeper.

We suggest that you keep the initial part of the interview general, ask questions that allow the candidate to talk freely.

Casual conversation at the outset often gives the candidate an opportunity to relax into the interview – and often when someone talks freely they offer genuine insights into their nature, that might not always be apparent when you pose particular questions.

It is a good idea to take her on a little tour of the house and garden, the children’s rooms. While you are walking around you can have a relaxed chat.  You can even let her hold the baby if she wants to.

At some point during the interview, you can suggest that she stays and plays with your child for a few minutes while you either make some tea, go to the loo or “do something” in another room. In this way you can see how she interacts with your child without you peering over her shoulder.

Here are suggested interview questions you could work through – most of these are quite general and are used more as talking points that hard questions with the “right answer.”

How old were the children you worked with at your last job?

What were their names?

When you started how old were they?

Were the children at home with you during the day, or did they go to school for part of the day?

What were the hours that you were working?  Did you have a problem with the early start or late finish?

Do you have children?  How old are they?

Are they at school?  Where?

What sort of support system do you have for your children when you are not at home?

What does your husband do? Where does he work? How long has he been there?

What do you usually do on a Saturday and a Sunday?

When was the last time you travelled to see your family (assuming her family lives in another area)?

When you do you usually take your holiday or break in the year?  When are your planning your next trip home?

Were you expected to do the housework as well as take care of the children at your last position?

Did you make food for the child? What did you make?

If I called you and said I was running late, and please would you make dinner for my husband and myself, and the children – what would you make as a meal?

How is your health? Do you go to the clinic regularly for anything?

When was the last time you were ill – what was wrong?

Do you have any allergies? Do you like cats and dogs?

Though your role is not to care for the pets – I do require you to ensure they have clean water every day, and if either of the animals mess in the house – which rarely happens – would you have a problem cleaning up after them?

How will you get to work? What will it cost?

In your last position, what time did you have to be at work? What time did you leave in the mornings?  How did you travel?  How often were you late?

To probe some basic childcare questions —-

What would you do if you are changing a baby’s nappy on the change table, and you have to fetch something from another room?

How would you handle a child who is having a tantrum?

When you arrive at work, what is the first thing you do?

How would you go about potty training a child?

How would you make sure a home is safe when the child starts crawling and walking? How would you put a small baby to sleep? And a toddler?

What activities would you do to keep a toddler busy and stimulated?

What songs would you sing to a small child?

If a child doesn’t want to eat, what would you do?

If a toddler doesn’t want to get in the bath, what would you do?

On occasion I use a babysitter – are you available to babysit and stay over on those nights? Or is this not something you are able to do?

Is there something about you that you think I should be aware of that I haven’t asked you?

If I was interested in bringing you in for a trial to see how you work and spend a bit of time with you, which days would you be available?

Most Nannies and Housekeepers are not accomplished interviews.  The way you would conduct a Nanny interview is somewhat different from how you would conduct an interview for a position at your office.

Be sensitive to how comfortable the candidate is – often the first 10 – 15 minutes are a bit awkward.


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